The Professional Partners Program provides teachers with access to a trained Professional Partner for the purpose of coaching, improving instructional practices, refining teaching techniques, strengthening classroom management techniques and refreshing approaches to educating children.

Many things factor into the success of a Teacher. There is a natural focus on student test scores, but those scores are just one factor. The State, the school district, and school administration all play a role in establishing the expectations for classroom teachers. The goal of the Professional Partner Program is to strengthen teachers so they are able to meet those expectations.

Professional Partners
are selected from among the most outstanding members of the teaching profession, including teachers of the year, nationally board certified teachers and teachers identified as outstanding by their colleagues. Outstanding teachers who wish to become a Professional Partner may and should apply directly to the Foundation. Districts may recommend teachers to become Professional Partners.

Professional Partners provide support and assistance in a discrete and confidential setting. We take discretion and confidentiality seriously and we create a safe environment for our teachers who participate in this program. Calls to us, to discuss this program are confidential.

Building a Foundation
for Learning